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Did you know that loneliness has a 42% mortality rate? Diabetes only comes in a 24% rate. People are more likely to get ill and stay ill when they are in a state of loneliness! The problem is that chronic illness generates solitude. Poor energy, aches and pains and need for lots of sleep and special diets leave many people feeling destitute and alone. I know this feeling. From the age of 27-33, I was housebound with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had to scale my friendships down to just a few, and had to stop attending church because I was too tired to make it through. My immune system was so shot that I picked up everything in the air. I was so sensitive to toxins that if someone came near me with a scent of perfume I withered. Even the cleaning supplies used on the floors weakened me. For 25 years, I lived in a high state of debilitation. 

I'm a lot better now. I've learned to control the illness more or less and am living a full and rich life. I've learned how to provide a healthy environment for my body to heal in. The body is made up of many parts. We have a physical body, an energetic body, an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body. If one part of our bodies becomes out of balance, our physical body may suffer. For example, it is well known that stress can cause illness. That is our emotional body becoming out of balance. People die when they lose their "will to live". That's a sickness of the spirit. When we feel physically drained, it effects our energy body or visa versa. If we can't turn our brain off at night we cannot sleep and we leave our bodies open to disease. You see, it all works together.

For the past 30 years, I've been studying and participating in many healing therapies to bring my body back to a state of balance. Here are a few examples....

Physical.... Plant based food plan,Identifying Food Intolerances and Detoxifying the body.

Energetically.... Breath work, laughter, yoga

Emotionally.... Therapy, Expressive Therapy, Relationships

Mental... Reading interesting things, returning to school to get Masters Degree

Spiritual ... Prayer, music, creating beauty

If I addressed one and not the other, my health didn't improve. For instance, if I took vitamins but didn't change my diet, I was throwing money out the window. If I went to therapy but didn't get a good night's sleep, I had no energy. If I felt lonely and isolated, I didn't have a lot of desire to get better.

It's my greatest desire to help others who struggle with the same issues that I did. I don't want you to lose 25 years of your life! I have taken great care in developing this unique program to provide you with a supportive environment. Studies show that supportive relationships can boost healing.

This program will be in the form of a woman's circle. You and 19 other women will partake in a journey of self-reflection, sharing, movement, learning, fun, play, laugher and joy. You will arise from this experience with new friends, new revelations and new health habits. You will learn radical self-care and yoga poses that you can do at home to keep your body limber and fit. You will also learn some great meditation skills that will help you connect with your inner voice. We will spend time listening and encouraging every week, along with a time of getting in touch with our perhaps buried playful nature. 

I won't be spending much time teaching, although I will provide resource ideas for your study throughout the week. This time is for group activities and bonding. Yoga will be kept to a minimum too. If you would like more yoga, you are welcome to join one of my classes. If you'd like more teaching, watch for my Saturday workshops. And if you'd like one on one support, you are welcome to be a part of my personal coaching practice.

Women from all walks of life are welcome. We welcome any age, any race, any religion and any illness. 


I am offering this program for free. The class lasts for 2 1/2 hours for 10 weeks. I only ask for $5 a week, that's $50 total to cover the costs of the materials used. You will be the "beta" group so please be supportive to me and to the others as we embark on this great experiment. 

If you would like more information about the program, drop me an email.

Ready to sign up? 

Here's where I need to add my disclaimer. Healing can mean different things to different people. You may find you heal emotionally in one area of your life. You may receive the hope you need to allow your immune system to get a good boost. Healing is not necessarily a cure. This is not a program to do instead of your medical doctor! Please always follow the advice of your physician. I am not a doctor and make no claims to cure your diseases. 

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