Women's RESET Weekends

Let's face it - life is demanding! Between jobs, caring for children, cooking meals, cleaning the house, maintaining cars and belongings, family obligations, and running the kids to and front activities it's hard to find some time to just "chill".

Friendships are so important to us. With our friends we recharge our batteries, we share what's on our hearts and minds and glean some of their wisdom. Most of all, we let down our hair and have fun!

The best way to do that is to get away from your environment and go to a new, exciting, place designed for the very purpose of facilitating your fun.

Picture this: You schedule a Friday night, pack your car, kiss your kids goodbye and head a little ways away to a quiet homestead in Connecticut with all the charms of yesterday. You eat delicious meals around a large farm table or outside on the granite stone patio. You wander the grounds looking at the plants and flowering trees while you breathe the fresh, clean air. You drink wine in your pajama pants and participate in a wonderful restorative yoga class. At night you sit around the campfire sharing stories and laughs. You settle into a comfortable bed, in a tastefully decorated room and settle in to sweet dreams.

Perhaps on this wild weekend with your besties you visit the local vineyards and participate in wine tasting or you grab a lawn chair and sit by the banks of the river in town enjoying River Fire. Maybe you want to go antiquing or shop the cute items in the local gift store, or visit a local fair.

You do all this with your friends while making new memories and recharging your energy so that you can give all you have to your world at home!

Girlfriends go to restaurants, drink and sink an easy $60-75 in the bill. Or maybe you go to a paint night, $40 plus wine and food.

Yoga walk in classes are $20 per hour. A nice restorative will run you $30-40. And how about a nice room in a Bed and Breakfast? $100-$150 per night.

Put all these fun activities together and you've got a winner of a weekend for you and your friends.

We do all this and more and LOVE It! Check us out next time you want to get away with your friends! www.quinnbrookyoga.com