The yin and the yang of life... and Yoga in the Barn

Today we had our "soft opening" in the barn. We had 14 people show up, not including Stacey and me! I was overjoyed at meeting new friends and sharing such a beautiful time with them all! For those of you who came today - thank you and I hope that you enjoyed yourself and left with a lighter step and a bit of joy in your heart.

It was kind of a strange day. It started with a mess-up of my order at Panera Bread. I'm not much of a morning person, nor a breakfast person so to go out and get a breakfast and find out it was wrong in the car actually upset me! I was looking forward to a nice, soft squishy croissant but instead found a piece of bread! I almost cried. I needed yoga badly today!

Back at home, I had lots of last minute details to take care of - like washing the barn floor and making sure all the papers and forms were out. Stacey showed up early to help me. When she stepped out of the barn, she rolled her foot! I had visions of my incident last year when I rolled and broke my foot. She shook it off and taught yoga brilliantly!

During yoga the trees were getting trimmed and mulched on the street (noise) and guns started firing. What a day! But everyone rolled with it so well and by the time we went into Shavasanah (sleeping pose) we could hear nothing but the sounds of nature!

Maybe five minutes after everyone left, my husband comes running into the house panting. he disturbed a bees nest and was attacked. He had three stings (fortunately) and about 5 bees on his body that wouldn't leave him!

Then we headed out to lunch at Heirloom, my number one favorite restaurant! The food was great as usual! We had a great time but when we got up to leave, Stacey couldn't put any weight on her foot! We ended up driving to Whitinsville to Milford Urgent care to get X-rays! Fortunately, her foot wasn't broken! We had a wonderful doctor, spent less than 45 minutes in the office and left in good spirits. We topped the evening off with pizza and River Fire in Putnam.

So between bee stings, poison ivy (that's Tom too) guns and tree cutters and rolled feet it was quite a day! But I balance it with

the wonderful yoga class, the beautiful weather, good food, good fellowship, and River Fire, the day was full of the balance of the yin and the yang. Life, with it's twists and turns always keep things interesting! Namaste!