5 Reasons Outdoor Showers Rock!

It's almost 10 AM and I have 7 guests arriving tomorrow to "glamp" in my barn. I should be out cleaning and making beds and preparing but I'm a slow starter in the morning. I don't jump out of bed into action, I roll out of bed and spend time reflecting first.

And what am I reflecting on this morning you wonder? Well I'll tell you! It's my outdoor shower! I don't actually FEEL motivated enough to get myself together to go down to take a shower quite yet, so I'll just write about it instead.

Here are the reasons that I love outdoor showers!

1. They use less energy! I love being energy efficient, especially if it saves me hundreds of dollars a month. Our hot water is stoked by our very old and inefficient furnace which runs on fuel oil. In the summer months, the furnace continues to kick on just to keep the water hot. This amounts to $100's a month that we fork out for nothing. My new shower cost me $20 to fill the propane and we've hardly used any in a whole month for three people! I love a good savings! Even with the cost of putting the shower together, we've already saved money in our first month!

2. Outdoor showers are great when you are working outside and don't want to take all the dirt in with you. Many times last summer my hard-working husband would come into the house full of mud and I cringed as I saw him coming! His dirty trail was just too much to take in! I kept threatening to hose him off outside with cold water. Now, he happily takes his outdoor shower and my indoor bathroom stays clean!(I sound like a 50's housewife but let's face it, no matter how liberated one is, we still have to clean up our own dirt!)

3. Taking an outdoor shower is fun! It brings me back to nature - kind of an Adam/Eve moment when we could be in the garden without clothing! Brings me back to my roots. It's nice to have the sun fall on me as I'm showering or be able to look at the night time sky. Besides, the air is always fresh outside and you don't steam up your bathroom and fog up your mirrors!

4. It reminds me of camping as a child! Now to be totally honest, I always hated taking a shower at the campground, but mostly because it was shared by hundreds of people and you'd find yourself standing in their soap scum - yuk! Usually the showers were not cleaned out well and the drains were clogged with other people's hair. Well, I've gone and grossed myself out here now! In MY outdoor shower, there is so soap scum, hair or clogging going on - it's just me and the rocks at my feet. Nature takes care of the cleaning and every time I enter it, I feel happy - in fact, it may be cleaner then my inside bathroom! With all the emphasis on "glamping" these days as we head back to nature as an adjustment for our computer driven, electronic and city styled life, it feels good to "ground" again with the earth. We were made from dust, not electronic parts and we need to continue to come back to our "earth mama" to be recharged.

5. Speaking of "recharging". Outdoor showers are a "beach" thing. Most cottages and beach homes include an outdoor shower where you can rinse off the salt and the sand before entering the house. Taking an outdoor shower makes me feel for a moment that I too may be close to the beach, hearing the sound of the waves and feeling the salty breeze kiss my face, bleaching my hair. I imagine that I'm a thin, 21 year old, wild and carefree, living at the beach. I imagine that I just spent a day of sunbathing, reading my favorite book or visiting with good friends and that I'm preparing for a night out on the town - the BEACH way - seafood and girly drinks overlooking an ocean bathed in moonlight. For those few minutes that I'm in my shower, I take a break from my middle aged awareness of bills and responsibilities and settle into my own personal heaven.

There you have it! The 5 reasons outdoor showers rock - at least for me!

This week I made a "bonus" video. It's about MY outdoor shower. If you missed the making of our outdoor shower, go back and catch the youtube video! Here's the link for that.

And here's the new link for the video I made on our outdoor shower tour - which gives more details. I just want to say here that I didn't make the most glamorous outdoor shower - I made one that fit my budget - and to me that's totally glam! I don't want a shower that I have to feel guilty standing in or that I can't eat for 2 weeks to fund - I wanted a shower that worked for me and I wanted to prove that you can make a decent outdoor shower for even around $200. Let's face it - that's about 10 trips to a coffee shop!

Alright - well I've gotten myself motivated now so I'm going to let you enjoy these videos while I go down and enjoy my outdoor shower! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!