Glamping in the Camp Room

Here is it, Friday, the day I have to get a movie out. This week it's a mini-sode. Seems that isn't a word but it kind of fits. In this episode you will watch as we are just a bit silly, and hang a wooden, screen door in the doorway of the camp room, and then on to a tiny tour of the room. This is a great room for yoga and meditation retreats and ladies weekend outs. It just gives me that feeling of days gone by in camps.

Actually, I only went to camp twice, and that was when my dad was the keynote there. Our family used our vacation to experience true camp life. What I remember is the walks to the local candy store, hard rains at night, swimming and meeting fast friends, most of whom I lost touch with when camp was over. But such good memories.

Here are some pictures of the room!

When we took over the farm, this is what it looked like. There was a faded pink paint on three of the walls and one was painted white. There were 2 kinds of linoleum on the floor, one from that late 1920's and the other from the 60's or 70's. I didn't want to peel the 1920's up because it was a really cool pattern, but it was in rough shape. Underneath the linoleum I found newspapers and other paper products from 1927! I salvaged what I could.

Safety first.. :)

Here's the old peeling paint.

Sample of 1927 newspaper used for insulation.

The three layers of floor covering.

Late 1920's linoleum.

Tom patching the floor.

We made the mistake of using deck paint - TERRIBLE idea. It was thick and painty and really toxic so when we rented the sander fo the barn, we sanded down the finish. Now we love it!

One more before.

After: We mixed some paint that we got in the reject bin at the store together an came up with the color of the shutters on the house. I left the wood patina exposed to give that camp appeal.

We took the windows off and put screens on. Because of the way the room is situated, the rain doesn't come in. We will be putting windows on in the fall. The square nature of the windows with screen screams camp to me!

Some of the 1927 wallpaper articles found under the flooring are framed and put on the side wall

The floor is covered with kilm rugs given to me graciously by my friends Paul and Doug when they were clearing out their house to move.. They were just what I wanted! They give the perfect camp feel.

The room is furnished with almost all thrift store finds! Nothing in this room cost more than $49 with the exception of the metal canopy bed which I order on amazon for $165. Most items were given to me and all found their way from the farmhouse into this room.

The cabinet in the background came from Paul and Doug's barn. When they gave it to me, I knew the perfect place!

Antlers, lanterns, and a generous combination of prints brought this room together!

The coke sign along with a few tinted print signs create a nostalgic feel to the room. How many of us drank Coca Cola at camp!

Brass plated chandeliers hung from the rafters cast a soft glow of light on the room.

Bear accessories are generously strewn around the room. Not only do they scream "camp" but they allude to the history of this property which was once "The Russian Bear" restaurant from 1927-1947, run by the Madame Natasha Mamedoff, mother of Andrew Mamedoff, WWII British war hero. I'm pretty sure he may have laid the papers down in this room back when he was a teenager.

Christmas lights are up year around, just to add to the carefree, fun nature of this room. A beautiful seating area lends itself to intimate talks with friends, old and new.

The double bed was my childhood bed.

Plaids, florals, quilts, blankets and lots of natural wood complete the picture. By using furniture from many different eras, the room looks like it evolved over time.

So, that's the scoop on the Camp Room!

Here's this week's "Chasing the Dream" video. Watch as Tom puts the screen on the door and we give our video tour of the room!