Breaking into TV

We just published a new episode of our TV show "Chasing the Dream". OK, it's really not TV, but to me Youtube is better than TV. A few years ago we gave up our cable TV along with the $200 a month bill that came with it. We are part of the proud subscribers of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Even then I find that we watch precious little of anything, with the exception of Youtube. I LOVE Youtube! On it you can find old movies and TV shows, Hallmark Christmas Movies and lots of how to videos. It's fun to watch people use their creative talents and share them with the world.

In the past, we had to wait for the world to recognize our talents. Now, people can just put it all out there. We don't need permission to make our own reality TV show or share our music with others. Maybe we won't make money doing it, but we do it for more than money. We share our gifts because it makes us feel good and it makes the world a better place!

Tom and I have been funny lately. When we walk into a store, we almost feel like TV personalities. The joy of our personas on video, transfer to regular life. It's as if we are living "The Truman Show". Is it a breach of reality, no not really. It is putting our best foot forward all the time. We are cheerful and clever (at least we think we are). People respond better to us when we are bringing our best selves to them.

Yesterday I was having a great talk with a friend of mine who owns a local store. We were talking about all the negativity and fear out there in the world, in politics, in health, etc. It's so easy to get bogged down in "how bad the world is". What we need is humor, love and lightheartedness.

So that's what this show is about. It's about bringing fun back into our lives and into anyone else's lives that want to watch it. It's about HGTV without the commercials and with real people who go through the same things as everyone else. It's uncut, raw, real footage of humanity. It's about people bumbling through life looking for the answers to their problems. It's about both success and failure.

I think a lot lately about Chip and JoJo and "Fixer-Upper". It's a show that inspired America. People were inspired to decorate with shiplap and white walls and old rusty things nailed to the wall. They were inspired to find old homes and make them beautiful as a means of self-expression. We were inspired to be silly, laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. The show was a good example of the give and take in marriage and how to partner together. Tom and I were inspired to buy a farmhouse - we figured if they could do it, so could we! I'm sure we aren't the only ones out there who took a risk to fulfill a dream after watching the show!

Do you have anything that you would like to "bring to the table"? Do you have a talent or interest that you have put on the back burner. Do you have a secret dream left unfulfilled? Life is short! It's easy to put what matters most to us on the shelf while filling the demands of life. We all only have this minute in front of us to love, laugh and dream. It's time to start living! Don't wait for anyone else to invite you to do it! Make your own dreams a reality!

The video below is about how we created an outhouse, inside the barn for $40, not including the compost toilet.