On the Glamping Countdown

It's been a long 6 weeks here at Quinnbrook. Tom ended his Master's of Psychology of Organizational Development at the end of June, at which time I seized the opportunity to hit the ground running and get the rest of phase 1 of the restoration project done at the farm! (Phase 2 consists of bigger projects like electricity, plumbing, windows, septic system and painting the exterior, some things best left to the professionals).

Last year when we took possession of the house we spent the year painting, putting in a kitchen and making the inside of our home work for us. During that time, most rooms have found many purposes from living rooms, to dining rooms to bedrooms and then back again to living rooms. No furniture has stayed where I put it originally and some rooms have been painted 3 times! Although it's nice to know that our home is so versatile, at times it gets a bit tiring moving things around and around and around - especially for Tom who has to carry everything! I tend to get energized by change!

This year our goal was to turn all 6000 square feet of the barn into useable area. We are finally nearing the end of our project but we'll have much more to do in the next few years. Anyone who has ever had an old farmhouse knows that surprises occur. This summer I wanted to get the outside of our buildings painted, but I'm strongly considering pushing that off until next year as we are nearing the end of our warmer season. We shall see what the Fall brings but I'm hoping to focus more attention on "girlfriends weekends" and less on home improvement as the weather turns.

Our YouTube show "Chasing the Dream" has been a wonderful surprise this year - we are finding that we are having so much fun doing it! Our show is us - in all our glory - unplugged, unrehearsed and real. Sometimes we get tired and crabby and our old brains scramble a bit but that's ok. Right now I'm writing this article to give Tom time to just space out on Facebook because he uses that brain a lot during the week. In the olden days I would probably beg and hassle him to help me which would end badly. These days we give each other the space we need and trust that all things will work out as they should. Years give us a great opportunity to learn!

Take a look at our next Youtube video. This one is on making an outdoor shower - our DIY experience. To make the shower we used 4x4's found in the barn, and purchased a few treated 2x4's and fence pickets at $1.64 each. All told the outside of the shower with the stone floor cost us about $70. In order to provide a nice hot shower, we purchased a Camplux Tankless Water Heater on Amazon.

We had to create a safe place to keep it away from direct rain without having to remove and unhook it each time we showered, this proved to be a bit of a challenge. You can watch that in the video too!

But in the end: the shower is AMAZING! It warms up faster than any in the house, has a nice, forceful stream of water and is extremely easy to use! Basically we turn on the water with the switch on the shower and off we go! I look forward each evening to showering under the stars to the tune of the crickets and the tree frogs! Watch our video and see how we made it! As always - if you enjoy the video, please LIKE and Subscribe on Youtube. This will help us improve our analytics and get our videos out AND you will be notified of the next video so you don't miss a step in our adventure!