What's Up withYouTube?

It all started years ago with "The Home Show". Some of you may not remember it, but I do. By now we are probably talking 30 years ago and yet it seems like yesterday. I was recently married and quite ill at the time but I looked forward to that one hour every day where Gary Collins and Keely Shea Smith would give us an hour of home decor ideas!

I've always been enchanted with decorating from the time I picked out my "wild" flower power wallpaper full of orange, yellow and pinks for my bedroom at the age of 8. I loved that wallpaper! I give my conservative mom great credit for allowing me to choose it when she would have rather picked a more subdued print.

Throughout the years we have bought houses that had good bones but perhaps had been neglected through the years. I saw the potential in them of what they "could" be. With each project, we became more armed and ready for an even greater challenge.

We found our challenge in this 1780's New England Homestead. It was a wonderful find for it hadn't suffered the hideous updates imposed on many old homes in the 1970's. A walk through the house took me right back to the colonial days. My challenge was that I wanted to preserve the integrity of the time period and yet make the home into a comfortable place to relax and share all on a budget.

In the first year of the house, we tackled cosmetic changes that would please us such as lightening up the interior and giving everything a fresh feeling. We ripped outdated fixtures (not the antique ones, those we left) and repaired the things that were obvious to us such as broken door hinges and leaky pipes. As my husband and I both juggled grad school, his full-time job, yoga teacher training and family commitments, we soon brought new life to our beautiful home.

My brother has been dabbling with Youtube for the past 9 months and started to encourage me to do the same. I started putting up teaching and meditation videos, focusing on health. Lately, my husband and I have decided to open our DIY process to anyone who would like to watch in the form of a video series entitled "Chasing the Dream". It's our own HGTV channel in a sense. After all, it was watching Chip and Joanna Gaines show "Fixer Upper" that got us thinking again about our love for home restoration. We used to call ourselves "The Merry Little House Fixer Uppers" long before people even enjoyed spying in on the process! So here we are, showing our victories and our defeats, our laughter and our tears, our teamwork and our not so great teamwork.

Tom and I have come a long way! When we first got married we couldn't even put a bookshelf together without dragging it into a two day war! (I really wish this was an exaggeration but it's not). If you like to watch home restoration and decor, feel free to tune into our channel, subscribe and like it.

Here's my favorite video to date:It's about hanging our patio lights - there's a lot of fun and laughs in there so please take the time to watch it and enjoy!