I Bought the Farm!!

For 30 years I've had a dream

but I forgot

something got lost in translation

I found myself in a much darker place

but I always knew that God lived in us

supporting, healing, loving

for 30 years I've had a dream

and I realized the dream in my heart was available

the dream in my heart was waiting

to fulfill my purpose

move into

take the risk

dip my toes in the water

so I set an intention

released it -

and found a huge ocean

was right in front of me...

View from the Yoga/Meditation Shed

This is a poem written by my yoga teacher trainer Linda S. She took words out of my papers and wrote a poem with it.

I publish this because this is my story.

For 30 years I had a dream....I was young, strong, adventurous and ready to take on the world... and then the world took me on - I became very ill with CFS and Fibromyalgia. It started out as Mono. I couldn't get out of bed...so I rested for 5 years! Everyday I had a headache, sore muscles, a really sore throat, poor digestion and could barely raise my head from the pillow. I had an overall feeling of sickness that wouldn't leave and though I tried everything that I knew to do, nothing worked.

But 5 years wasn't the whole story. It was another 20 years until I felt whole again. I felt sick for 25 years! Yes, I was married and raised two daughters, but I was not running on all cylinders.

So here's the miracle. A few years ago I adopted a lifestyle change and slowly but surely, my health improved! I was able to go to college and work on my Masters of Fine Arts! After that I took yoga teacher training and went back to school for my Expressive Therapies Master's Certificate (getting a 4.0 I might add which is very impressive since I lived in brain fog for those 25 years.)

In January of this year we bought an antique New England Farmhouse built in 1790 full of rich history (without the ghosts). In the midst of yoga and school we set out to do some minor restoration work and a decorating overhaul. In 7 months, with the setback of a broken 5th metatarsal (my left foot) we've redecorated and repaired the 3000 square foot house. We are not starting on the other 3000 square feet of barn and carriage house.

Why on earth would I sign up for so much work as to buy an old farmhouse on 3 acres? Because for 30 years I've had a dream. It's to bring restoration to others. It's to bring hope to the hopeless. It's to encourage an environment of healing for those who have lost their health and thus their life. I've been there and it's tough! It's to provide a place for people to be themselves, to explore their unique nuances or to just rest and rejuvenate. It's so that people can get back to nature and be nurtured by community and beauty.

Fortunately, my husband supported me in this dream. He always secretly wanted to be a farmer and he actually likes working on projects and landscaping. Together we are making Quinnbrook Farm a place where people can gather and recharge. Maybe that someone is you. Maybe you have a book in you and you need a quiet place to gather your thoughts. Or maybe there is an important body of artwork that you will birth here in our art studios. Maybe you will ignite your creativity in one of our creativity workshops or you will learn a new craft like weaving. Or maybe you just want a weekend away from home in the quiet corner of Connecticut where you can kayak down the river and eat your way through the yummy restaurants of Putnam.

So, whatever it is that you are looking for... we're getting it ready! The dream is about to be realized!