This Old House....

Renovating this old house has certainly been an act of love but I've been amazed at house things have just come together! My cousin Elaine, was very supportive, she had a stash of antique furniture that fit perfectly in this home. We quickly filled in the gaps with findings from our local Salvation Army and Antique Mill. It was as if things found us for the house. We didn't have to go hunting. New England is great that way! I know in many parts of the US people get all geeked out about finding antiques but we have so much history here so there's a great stash of old stuff floating around almost free for the taking! I was amazed at all the people parted with when they heard I had a big place to fill!

The house is almost done and soon I'll be posting before and after pictures so that you can enjoy some of the fruits of our labor. I went with kind of a mixture of Modern Farmhouse, French Country and Primitive. I looked for comfort and a certain amount of brightness while still trying to stay true to the home's colonial roots. Because it was built as a cottage I was able to play with it adding a touch of whimsy to many of the rooms, and of course, into most of the rooms, I've placed a bear.

From the start I've wanted this to be a community endeavor. After all, why should we just have all the fun. I'm not one of those people that wants to hold their belongings close. I wanted to share both the house and the process. Because of this, I've run a few contests on Facebook letting people weigh in on the color of the shutters and the name of the Farm.

The shutter color was chosen from a former color painted on them from the time of the Russian Bear. The name was selected because the Quinnatisset River runs through our property, thus Quinnbrook Farm. Our friend Beth enjoyed a free weekend at the inn with her family as a reward for her creativity.

Fresh fruit and flowers abound in the summer months.