Natasha Mamedoff Room

Madam Natasha Mamedoff was the sister of Anastase Vonsiatsky famous Russian Fascist leader who lived next door. From all accounts Natasha was an amazing cook. When given this property by her sister in law, heiress Marion Ream Vonsiatsky, Natasha set out to make this a successful restaurant and she did! For twenty years this was known as The Russian Bear, named after a restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russian. Movie stars and other people came from far away to dine at this famous establishment with delicious food, waitresses dressed like 1800's Russian Peasants and amazing atmosphere! People played bridge at tables under the maple trees and danced on the patio accompanied by gypsy music. The restaurant was so successful that eventually they opened two sister restaurants on the Cape and on Newbury Street in Boston.

This room named after Natasha overlooks the barn and is next door to the shared bathroom. A full size antique bed, comfortable and high off the ground is ready to give you a good night's sleep.