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Marion Ream Vonsiatsky Room

Marion Ream Vonsiatsky was the daughter of Howard Bruce Ream, one of the richest speculators in the US in the late 1800's and early 1900's.The Ream's had a mansion down the road. At age 40, Marion fell from grace and found herself in the society papers for the scandal of a failed marriage. Fleeing to Paris she met a handsome man half her age, a descendent of the Russian Czar. After a whirlwind romance,they returned to America and married only to discover that her new husband Anastase Vonsiatsky was already married. After her father paid hush money to the jilted bride, Marion and Anastase married and moved to Thompson, occupying the large house across the street from her father's golf course. When her sister in law, Natasha relocated to Thompson, she gave her this house along with 200 acres as a Birthday gift. 

Marion was a kind and generous woman and it is fitting that this beautiful room with the yellow stenciled floor and windows all around is named after her. This is the favorite room of many guests as it overlooks both the patio and gardens and the barn. This room is right across the hall from the shared bath and has a private door which leads to the large shared patio.

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