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Andy Mamedoff Room

Andy Mamedoff moved to this house from China when he was 13 years old with his parents, Natasha and Lev who were fleeing from newly communist Russia. Andy helped in the restaurant for many years and grew up to be quite a daredevil. He loved flying planes! When WWII broke out, he was one of 8 men who gave up their US citizenship to fly planes for Britain called the Eagle Squadron. Their bravery prevented Germany from occupying England. Andy married heiress Penny Craven from Craven cigarettes and was planning a visit back here to his beloved "Russian Bear" to see his parents. Unfortunately, Andy's plane went down when flying through a storm over Ireland and never made it back. Andy's death was devastating to his parents and within 6 years they closed down the restaurant and moved to Florida. Andy has gone down in history as a war hero in Britain and even has a pewter soldier made in his honor.

This room is set apart from the others and located right by the kitchen and can be used as a private bath or a shared bath. The bathroom has a shower and a stock tank tub which makes a GREAT bathtub! A mural of Old Sturbridge Village is painted on the wall behind the queen size reproduction iron bed. There is a private door leading out from this room onto a small seating area in the yard. Teacher gets first dibs on this room!

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