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Bond with your peeps by offering a yoga retreat! 

Tom and I love retreats! Our greatest memories of childhood were the times that we went away for a few nights with others to bond. For one weekend we would bunk with other people, dine at community tables, rest in nature and develop deep bonds of friendship that still remain all these years later. There was nothing like it!

Perhaps this is why our heart is to provide facilities for others to do the same!

You are in the healing profession. Your heart is to help others achieve the peace that you have found in your yoga/meditation or spiritual practice. You want to infuse people with the tools that you have to put aside the struggles and live a more full and rewarding life. But that's hard to do in a yoga studio situation. Sometimes you need to come away to a new environment designed just for the purpose of rest and renewal. As a teacher you need to time to go deep with your students, blessing them with your own special brand of whatever it is that you do.

It's so rewarding to see the "ah ha" moment when the light goes on in your student or when you really deeply connect on a new level. To have an opportunity to live in community with others is what we all crave on a deep inner level. 

If you're checking out retreat venues, give us a try.

Our retreat center is manageable and intimate. Because we are only 1 hour from Boston, Hartford and Providence, more of your people will be able to come. We like to keep things intimate here, at around 10 people total. This gives you a more premium retreat for you can give your group the attention they desire.

Here at Quinnbrook,  you will be the only people using the facilities for the weekend - no sharing. Tom and I are your personal retreat coordinators and will work with you to make your retreat a success!

You do the teaching and leave the rest to us!Use of all of our guest approved facilities are included in the price!  


Quinnbrook has 3 acres of land, 6000 square feet of building and all the charm you'd ever need for a retreat. 


Post and Beam Barn: The 900 square feet on the main floor of our barn is a great place to commune, hang, exercise, contemplate, meditate and discuss.


The Art Loft has room for everyone to spread out and be creative either painting or writing or coloring or even organizing story boards. One side of the art room is equipped with pin boards to hang anything you wish to display.

Yoga Room: Adjacent to the big barn is a perfect yoga room designed with pine wood floors, a wood stove and ceiling fan. We have plenty of yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps so make yourself at home!

Indoors we have a large farm table that seats 10, a large living room that seats 10 and a coffee kitchen. 2 wood stoves and 2 fireplaces make the house especially cozy in the fall and winter.

Lodging: CAMP ROOM 1 queen, 1 full bed, compost toilet, outdoor shower, SHE SHED, 2 twin beds, YOGA ROOM: can be converted to 6 bed bunk room in summer for lodging. Historic Home: 5 bedrooms, 6 beds, 2 full bathrooms.

Summer, winter, spring and fall brings plenty of unique experiences. From May- November enjoy the outbuildings, barn, she-shed, outdoor camp room. Activities will be more home based in the colder months but the yoga studio is heated year around.

Please contact me, Anne for more information.

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