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Post and Beam Barn

This 1200 square foot post and beam barn built in the late 1700's takes you way back to the past. This large barn housed hay, never animals. You will love the refinished hard wood floors and the stage now turned into an art studio for your crafting pleasure. A great unique feature of this room is the Russian Folk Art painted in 1927 by the White Russians who used the barn for plays and parties. Gypsies played their music while people danced away the night! They used to stand under the stage and serve drinks - can you say FUN!!! Enjoy the summer cross breeze through the great barn doors in this boho barn with twinkle lights.

In this barn we have 6 twin sized beds/benches for lounging/meditating or taking a nap and a dining table and chairs along with an antique piano. The benches can be removed if you need more floor room for your activities.

The barn may be rented out for parties, art exhibits or small weddings. Please contact us for more details. 

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